Month: February, 2013

My Experience Getting New Teeth at Houston’s Brueggen Dental Implant Center, PART 1

Patient Kathleen Richards (44) of Houston Texas speaks to us about her smile makeover experience at the Brueggen Dental Implant Center.
“I was only in my early thirties when I lost a few of my back teeth…”

Three of my molars were causing me a lot of discomfort and the one in particular left a terrible taste in my mouth. My old dentist explained that two of my molars were decayed and had to be extracted. The third might be saved with a root canal, but a month after treatment, it became clear that the tooth would also have to come out.

I have not always been the best at looking after my teeth. I frequently fall asleep without flossing, especially when I get stuck into a good book. I do try to brush more often, but I lead a busy life and so it’s usually morning and night for me! It was only when I started struggling with tooth decay and – my mother had to tell me – chronic bad breath in my early thirties that I began to realize the toll my negligence had taken on my teeth. Before my teeth extraction and root canal procedures, I couldn’t even remember the last time I’d been to the dentist.

“I resolved to be better about brushing and flossing and I was for a while…

… but then life took over again and I went back to my old ways. I was about 34 when one morning I took a sip of some hot coffee and my upper right canine felt sensitive to the heat. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but the sensitivity grew and grew, until anything hot or cold that passed through my lips caused quite severe pain. My tooth would also throb at random intervals during the day. I thought I’d leave it for a week and if it didn’t sort itself out, I’d give my dentist a call again. One week became three: I was so busy at work. And then the pain started causing headaches.

One night after a few weeks of coping with a toothache, I looked at my tooth in the mirror and received the fright of my life. It was starting to change color to a brownish grey! How had I not noticed that before? I immediately called up my dentist and arranged an appointment. But, once again, it was too late. The tooth had become aggressively decayed and required extraction. Now, instead of having missing teeth at the back of my mouth, where people couldn’t really see them, I had an obvious gap in my smile.

“This marked the end of what little confidence I had at work and around friends and family…

My dentist recommended that I go and see implant dentist Dr. Wayne Brueggen and speak to him about replacing my missing teeth with dental implants. Instead of following his advice, my low self-esteem slumped day-by-day until I hardly spoke to anyone. I certainly didn’t smile! I just kept to myself, did my work and rushed home in the evening to avoid bumping into people. I don’t know why I waited so long to pick up the phone and call the Brueggen Dental Implant Center. I was nervous about dental treatment… but I guess I was almost too depressed to do anything really.

Finally, one morning, after a nightmare about losing ALL of my teeth – having them crumbling in my mouth and spitting out the fragments – I picked up the phone and called the Brueggen Dental Implant Center. The staff member who answered was friendly and efficient and answered all my questions crisply, but patiently. I was lucky enough to catch an opening with the doctor the following day, so I prepared to meet with my fate…

Stay Tuned for the Second Installment of Kathleen’s Smile Makeover Experience at the Brueggen Dental Implant Center!

The All on 4 Dental Implants Expert on Tooth Extractions

Say “Aaahhhh!”
All on 4 dental implants

The prospect of having a tooth pulled can reduce a football team superhero to a trembling mess and can frighten even the most stoic of individuals. Our teeth seem so solidly rooted in our mouths… one can only imagine the kind of force and scary dental equipment required to pull them from their encasings in our jawbone!

Okay, enough hype. Tooth extractions are actually one of the least painful and most straightforward of all the surgical procedures offered by dentists, such as All on 4 dental implants expert Dr. Wayne Brueggen. There are two very important things to bear in mind:

  • Sometimes they are completely necessary and will actually help maintain overall dental health, and
  • If performed by a qualified and experienced dentist, they typically don’t hurt!

Why are Teeth Extractions Necessary?

Sometimes, owing to the extent of trauma and/or decay, a tooth simply cannot be saved by any dental procedure and allowing this tooth to remain in your mouth can pose a substantial risk to your overall oral health. Can you imagine:

  • How unhygienic it must be to have a decayed tooth in your mouth and what it must do both to your breath and the appearance of your smile?
  • The pain caused by an emerging wisdom tooth as it pushes against the roots of a neighboring molar?
  • Your child’s discomfort and compromised health caused by a loose, decaying milk tooth that simply won’t fall out?

In many cases, teeth extractions actually provide an incredible amount of relief to the patient. But, they should only ever be performed if nothing else can be done to save the tooth and/or if they are in the best interests of a patients’ overall oral health. Also, if the tooth being extracted is one of your 28 permanent adult teeth (not including your wisdom teeth) it is imperative that you opt to have it replaced with a sophisticated technology, such as a dental implant. This will help to prevent problems such as infection, dental instability and atrophy of the underlying jawbone.

What is a Tooth Extraction Like?

Dr. Brueggen will always make sure that the gum surrounding the tooth is thoroughly numbed before extracting it, so you don’t need to worry about any pain or discomfort during the procedure. In the case of more complex extraction procedures – such as the removal of impacted wisdom teeth – general anesthesia may be used.

Once the effects of the anesthesia (local or general) have worn off, it’s perfectly normal for your gums around the extracted tooth to feel a little sensitive and sore. But, this is nothing that some over-the-counter painkillers, such as Tylenol, can’t help relieve.

The Take-Home Message

Nothing can really rival the strength and resilience of your own natural teeth; not even dental implants, although they are the best the industry has to offer. So, it’s always in your best interests to keep your teeth as healthy as possible so that you are never faced with the worst case scenario. Brush and floss thoroughly, stay away from unhealthy habits, such as smoking, teeth grinding and a high sugar diet and attend regularly scheduled appointments with the dentist and oral hygienist. Remember, the chances of preventing infection and detecting decay lie greatly in your favor by scheduling regular dental exams and professional cleanings!

Don’t Miss Out on Your Life with Your Missing Teeth

The principle goal of modern dentistry is to bring back the patient to normal contour, comfort, function, speech, confidence, esthetics, and health. Caring for your teeth with brushing and flossing might not be adequate to prevent tooth loss. There are times when you are not able to control unexpected health issues that can damage your gums. This results in losing your healthy smile almost overnight. But, you don’t have to be apprehensive about these issues as there is a ray of hope in the form of dental implants. A periodontist or an oral surgeon can recover your oral health considerably to bring back the smile you were missing.

There are a few questions related to dental implants and dental implant costs that you will need understand about dental implants.

What is the need for dental implants?

The common reasons that produce a need for dental implants are often gum disease or periodontal disease. Gum disease in general evolves from poor hygiene, but there are also other conditions in your body that may affect the health of your teeth and gums, such as viral infections. Periodontal disease attacks gum and bone tissue in the mouth destroying the gums, root pulp, and the bone structure beneath your teeth. This damage weakens the support system for teeth, which increases teeth loss.

Dental Implants cost

The other reason for missing teeth can be any accident or injury. A fall, automobile accident, sports-related injury, physical trauma, or any other damage may also cause a tooth or teeth to come out or get damaged to an extent that is beyond repair. An incomplete smile diminishes the quality of your life. If you have missing teeth or a denture that slips, then you might feel socially isolated. Dental implants can restore incomplete smiles to transform your life.

How many teeth can be replaced by the procedure?

Dental implants can replace one tooth or multiple teeth. You can discuss the possibility of multiple implants along with the cost of dental implants during your consultation and following dental visits.

Cost of Dental Implants

Who is a candidate for a dental implant?

If you are missing one or more teeth, then you can go for dental implants and treatment. Though, not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants. For the treatment, you have to be in a good state of overall health.

What are the various treatment options based on the number of missing teeth?

There are various options in dental implants treatment like:

  • One tooth usually requires one dental implant and just one crown.
  • Two or more teeth may require the placement of a dental bridge.
  • All teeth generally require placing a full bridge or denture set in the mouth.

How to save money on dental implant costs?

If you want to go for dental implants but are laid back with the cost of dental implants, then you must consult your periodontist or an oral surgeon about the ways to save money on dental implant costs by assessing various options that might be available to you.

The decision to have dental implants can help you live a healthier lifestyle.