Month: March, 2013

My Experience Getting New Teeth at Houston’s Brueggen Dental Implant Center, PART 2

Patient Kathleen Richards (44) of Houston Texas speaks to us about her smile makeover experience at the Brueggen Dental Implant Center.

Finally, one morning, after a nightmare about losing ALL of my teeth – having them crumbling in my mouth and spitting out the fragments – I picked up the phone and called the Brueggen Dental Implant Center. The staff member who answered was friendly and efficient and answered all my questions crisply, but patiently. I was lucky enough to catch an opening with the doctor the following day, so drove up to Houston to meet with my fate…

The one thing I wasn’t expecting was the Brueggen Dental Implant Center to be so big and impressive! I was just expecting a regular dentist’s office! But the Center was huge and clearly at the very cutting-edge of the industry. I walked in clutching my bag, feeling increasingly nervous about what I was getting myself into. The lady at the front desk – probably the same one I spoke to on the phone – was exceptionally friendly and polite. She told me to take a seat.

“I only waited a minute before Dr. Brueggen came out to meet me personally…

He’s such a kind and compassionate doctor that I immediately felt at ease. He listened to my story and asked me a few questions about my health and lifestyle, but not ONCE did he judge me for my past transgressions. He didn’t need to, I suppose. I had been getting angrier and angrier with myself for not spending the few minutes a day it took just to give my teeth the proper care they deserved. And now I was paying the ultimate price.

Dr. Brueggen then took a close look at my teeth. It was the first time ANYONE had had such an intimate look at the root of all my low self-esteem. But, Dr. Brueggen didn’t so much as flinch or frown; he just chatted to me as if he was doing something as ordinary as tying his shoelaces or polishing the hood of his car! He told me that he’d treated all sorts of patients, from those who had lost teeth in car accidents to the elderly who had lost ALL of their teeth to advanced gum disease. So, he said my case was a “walk in the park” which made my heart soar! Perhaps this wouldn’t be so bad after all!

After an X-ray and some final preparations, Dr. Brueggen booked me an appointment to get my new teeth placed. I was starting to get very excited about all of this!

“The day of my surgery arrived and I was nervous and excited at the same time…”

On the one hand, I had steel butterflies tearing up my stomach over the prospect of sedation, needles and pain… but on the other hand, I was SO ready to get new teeth! The last thing I remember from the morning was Dr. Brueggen looking into my face and saying, “Enjoy your holiday!”

It was a few hours later – or so the clock said – that I remember emerging from sedation. I felt woozy and disorientated, but absolutely pain-free and not anxious at all. My mother had arrived and she held my hand and said, “It’s all over!” Dr. Brueggen walked in a few moments later and spoke to me about the procedure. He said that they had to clear up a bit of infection, but otherwise, the procedure was very straightforward and there were no complications at all: that it had all gone off brilliantly and he couldn’t be happier.

As soon as I felt strong enough to walk, my mom took me home and after fixing me a light supper I fell fast asleep…

Stay Tuned for the Third Installment of Kathleen’s Smile Makeover Experience at the Brueggen Dental Implant Center!