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Can you do an all on four in a day?

Can you do an all on four in a day?

Yes it can be done.  Teeth can be extracted, implants placed, and the new teeth attached to them all on the same day.  When you go home that evening you can enjoy a light meal, anything you can cut with a fork, and the next day be ready to go back to work or fly home.



Can you do an all on four in a day? Houston Dentist explains.

Is it important to get implants?

Is it important to get implants?


Yes, this is a good question.  If any tooth is lost and not replaced the other teeth can shift. This can lead to unpleasant esthetics, periodontal disease, and TMJ disfunction. The loss of a tooth on one side will cause you to favor chewing on the other side. Imagine that you injured your right foot so you avoided walking on it and instead hopped around on the left all of the time. It’s easy to see that the right leg would deteriorate from lack of use and the left from overuse. The same phenomenon occurs when we only chew on one side.  So yes you would need a dental implant.



Is it important to get implants? Houston Texas Dentist explains.

Finding Low Cost Dental Implants

Dental implants are a permanent solution for patients who face troubles wearing traditional dentures, and want to go for a more advanced tooth replacement solution.

Dental implants are the best alternatives for replacing broken or missing teeth. These treatments are ideal replacements for original teeth that have been lost due to tooth decay, disease, or any accidental injury. Dental implants are a permanent solution for patients who face troubles wearing traditional dentures, and want to go for a more advanced tooth replacement solution. These artificial implants replace the teeth from their root and protect the reliability of your jawbone.

The dental implants’ cost generally involves the surgery to prepare the jawbone for the dental implants as well as the implants themselves. The dental implant treatment is usually performed by a dental implant surgeon in Houston, however, the cost of the implants, can sometimes be very high.

Here are some steps that you can take to find low cost dental implants: 

  1. Look for a reputable dental implant center, instead of an ordinary dentistry clinic. Many recognized dental implant clinics specializing in dental implants treatments offer discounts and deals to their customers, making it an affordable option for patients to get the best dental implant treatment from a well-known implant facility.
  2. Seek recommendations from people whom you trust the most such as your relatives and friends. They will only recommend to you specialized dentists, from whom they have received maximum benefit in terms of the implant treatment, service, and implant cost.
  3. All on 4 Dental Implants Houston

  4. Browse the Internet and search for the most recognized dental implant centers. Investing some research time over the web will help you find the most ideal dental implant centers offering cost-effective implant treatments. Once you have short-listed a few dental implant centers, compare the pricing, dentist experience, and dental service of each one, and choose the one that perfectly meets all your dental requirements.
  5. Once you have chosen a reputable dental implant center, use your dental insurance policy. Dental insurance generally provides some coverage for dental treatments. It will minimize the cost of your implants and you will only need to pay a percentage of the total cost that will be based on your dental insurance policy.

After you will get a dental implant treatment at an affordable cost, you will be able to derive the following benefits:

Natural teeth

You will get such natural-looking teeth that an inexperienced eye might find it just impossible to differentiate your dental implants from original teeth. The artificial implants appear and function like natural teeth and enhance your efficiency to eat your favorite foods. Where, denture wearers face loss of bone structure, premature aging, and loss of facial beauty, dental implants prevent you from all these effects and allow you to speak and smile with freedom.

Improved self-confidence

The use of dentures not only limits the chewing ability but also brings the patient into many embarrassing situations. Denture wearers also experience social humiliation that often results in depression. While, dental implants provide a permanent solution to such problems and help boost self-confidence of the patient.

If you have lost a single tooth or multiple teeth, look no further than all on four implants that are now available at affordable costs.

Professional Dental Implants Houston — Explore the Benefits of the Treatment

Looking forward to replacing damaged teeth or your loose dentures with a set of fixed, shiny white teeth in one day? The All on four implants technique is the solution that makes this possible. What’s more, you do not need to worry about bone grafting.

As the name suggests, with all on four implants, your replaced teeth are supported by just four implants per dental arch. This is a procedure where the back implants are inclined at an angle of 45 degrees to offer extra stability and support to the teeth. Keeping the back implants at an angle also makes it possible to avoid bone grafting. Even for the patients who have deficient bone beneath their gums, the angulated placing of dental implants utilizes the densest, healthiest parts of the bone. Angling the titanium implant into a denser bone prepares a strong foundation for the new replacement teeth. The implant is covered with a porcelain cap to give it the look of a natural tooth. 

All on Four Implants

Despite the seemingly high cost of dental implants, an increasing number of people with missing teeth problems are opting for the treatment. This is because of the long term relief and benefits that these bring. The look and feel of dental implants is just like natural teeth.

Taking care of teeth restored by the all on four technique in Houston is simple. You simply need to brush and floss regularly, especially after meals at night. As the implants are securely fitted, there is no risk of them coming out like ill-fitting dentures.

You are an ideal candidate for all on 4 dental implants if you have lost or are about to lose a set of teeth. Smokers need to quit the habit before they go for the treatment. Further, if you have a history of any long term illness or are on prescribed medication, it is important to disclose the details to your dentist before taking up the treatment.  If you feel shy to smile or speak due to missing teeth, getting back your confidence is simple with all on four implants.

My Experience Getting New Teeth at Houston’s Brueggen Dental Implant Center, PART 1

Patient Kathleen Richards (44) of Houston Texas speaks to us about her smile makeover experience at the Brueggen Dental Implant Center.
“I was only in my early thirties when I lost a few of my back teeth…”

Three of my molars were causing me a lot of discomfort and the one in particular left a terrible taste in my mouth. My old dentist explained that two of my molars were decayed and had to be extracted. The third might be saved with a root canal, but a month after treatment, it became clear that the tooth would also have to come out.

I have not always been the best at looking after my teeth. I frequently fall asleep without flossing, especially when I get stuck into a good book. I do try to brush more often, but I lead a busy life and so it’s usually morning and night for me! It was only when I started struggling with tooth decay and – my mother had to tell me – chronic bad breath in my early thirties that I began to realize the toll my negligence had taken on my teeth. Before my teeth extraction and root canal procedures, I couldn’t even remember the last time I’d been to the dentist.

“I resolved to be better about brushing and flossing and I was for a while…

… but then life took over again and I went back to my old ways. I was about 34 when one morning I took a sip of some hot coffee and my upper right canine felt sensitive to the heat. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but the sensitivity grew and grew, until anything hot or cold that passed through my lips caused quite severe pain. My tooth would also throb at random intervals during the day. I thought I’d leave it for a week and if it didn’t sort itself out, I’d give my dentist a call again. One week became three: I was so busy at work. And then the pain started causing headaches.

One night after a few weeks of coping with a toothache, I looked at my tooth in the mirror and received the fright of my life. It was starting to change color to a brownish grey! How had I not noticed that before? I immediately called up my dentist and arranged an appointment. But, once again, it was too late. The tooth had become aggressively decayed and required extraction. Now, instead of having missing teeth at the back of my mouth, where people couldn’t really see them, I had an obvious gap in my smile.

“This marked the end of what little confidence I had at work and around friends and family…

My dentist recommended that I go and see implant dentist Dr. Wayne Brueggen and speak to him about replacing my missing teeth with dental implants. Instead of following his advice, my low self-esteem slumped day-by-day until I hardly spoke to anyone. I certainly didn’t smile! I just kept to myself, did my work and rushed home in the evening to avoid bumping into people. I don’t know why I waited so long to pick up the phone and call the Brueggen Dental Implant Center. I was nervous about dental treatment… but I guess I was almost too depressed to do anything really.

Finally, one morning, after a nightmare about losing ALL of my teeth – having them crumbling in my mouth and spitting out the fragments – I picked up the phone and called the Brueggen Dental Implant Center. The staff member who answered was friendly and efficient and answered all my questions crisply, but patiently. I was lucky enough to catch an opening with the doctor the following day, so I prepared to meet with my fate…

Stay Tuned for the Second Installment of Kathleen’s Smile Makeover Experience at the Brueggen Dental Implant Center!

Case of the Week Infuse

all on 4 dental implantsLast week was interesting. Most of my days are consumed doing the traditional all on 4 procedure where I extract the remaining teeth, place implants, and build a complete set of new teeth all in the same day. Sometimes as this morning it is just one arch, upper or lower, other times both arches. Last week was unusual in that we only did two all on four cases. The rest of the week was consumed doing bone grafts in preparation for future implant placement. I have mentioned previously that there are a couple of new products on the market to facilitate bone regeneration; Osteocell, a stem cell product, and Infuse, a bone morphogenic product. About 6 months ago I reported on a case where a young man had a bicycle accident that caused severe damage to the front of his mouth. Three teeth were lost and the damage to the supporting bone was extreme. We placed a temporary non-removable bridge and grafted with Infuse contained with a titanium mesh membrane. Last week I uncovered the surgical site to remove the membrane. After removing the temp I noticed that under one of the bridge pontics {replacement tooth for a missing tooth} the mesh was exposed. I had not noticed that previously or I would probably have removed the mesh at 4 months. After reflecting the tissue I found extremely hard, dense dental bone except under the exposed area. There was plenty of bone there as well but less mature. After removing the mesh I harvested some soft tissue from the palate {roof of the mouth} and achieved excellent coverage and enough plumping of the tissue to form a little “tissue anatomy” with the pontics. I had hoped to place implants but decided to let the tissues mature for 2 months as it will help ensure a cosmetically pleasing result. All things considered I have never seen a graft deliver such a high quality and quantity of bone. This is consistent with previous cases I have treated with Infuse. I uncovered an Osteocell graft with a membrane about to expose and did two extensive grafting procedures, one with Infuse, the other with Osteocell last week as well. I’m leaving for Hamburg on Friday to attend an ICOI meeting and study with some exceptional dental implant specialist. If I get a break I’ll report on those other cases before I leave and hopefully I’ll have something new and exciting to report about dental implants when I return.

Removing Failing Subperiosteal Dental Implants & Replacing with All-On-4 Dental Implants

This morning, at the Brueggen Dental Implant Center, we did a lower All-on-4 dental implants case for a 60 yr old gentleman from Colorado. 

He was in town on personal business and learned about us from a T.V. ad. His medical history was non-contributory. Dentally, he was wearing an upper and lower denture. There was a mobile and failing unilateral subperiosteal implant on the lower left, and one had previously been removed on the lower right. Subperiosteal implants are placed beneath the “gums” and rest on, but not in, the bone.

Subperiosteal implants are used when there is inadequate bone volume to place a dental implant into the bone, and the treating doctor is not aware or trained in other options. They experience a very high failure rate. I have removed a number of subperiosteal implants but have never placed one. 

These implants were placed in Colorado about 15 years ago when the upper and lower dentures were made. It was the doctor’s hope to attach the lower denture to the subperiosteal implants, but unfortunately, that was never possible. 

This patient was displeased with the fit of his false teeth. Even with thick denture adhesives, he was unable to eat, and the lower was unstable even in speech. He was a very active gentleman and very frustrated with his situation because his previous dentist had told him that he did not have enough bone for dental implants.

We took a cat scan (a very sophisticated x-ray designed to allow precise measurements of bone in all dimensions) and determined that he did have enough bone for dental implants if the All-on-4 dental implants (a full set of upper or lower teeth fixed to 4 dental implants) technique was used.

Consultation revealed that financially doing this on the upper and lower was not feasible, so we elected to do a new denture on the upper and the All-on-4 dental implant procedure on the lower.  Our in-house lab pre-made the upper denture, so when he arrived this morning, we were able to deliver that before I began the surgery.

Using conscious oral sedation, I began the surgery at 9:30 A.M. The failing subperiostel implant was removed, 4 endosseous dental implants were placed, and the surgery was completed at 10:55 A.M.

Impressions were taken for the lab and at 4:30 P.M., the patient was ready to leave with his new upper denture and new lower non-removable teeth attached to 4 implants.

His healing and recovery should be uneventful, and I anticipate making his final set of teeth in 6 months.

Dr. Brueggen

Houston Dental Implant Dentist