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What is the problem with bone loss?

Bone needs to be stimulated to maintain its structure and integrity. Missing teeth cause an acceleration of bone loss. Without intervention the jawbone begins to melt away.

  • Increase risk of jaw fractures
  • Premature aging - shortening of length between the nose and the chin
  • Dentures no longer fit

How do implants help?

  • Dental implants stimulate the bone
  • Prevent further bone loss & encourage new growth

If you wear dentures or are you missing teeth, please watch this video.

CT Scan of Pamela's Upper Arch
The bone is as thin as a knife blade
She spent over $20,000 on bridge work alone!
*Waiting too long after losing teeth can make getting implants extremely difficult."
Because she waited too long, there is no bone left to place implants and the bone is deginerating so quickly that in 2 years,
she won't even be able to wear an upper denture.

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Dr. Wayne Brueggen, Houston's Dental Implant Dentist

Houston dental implants dentist, Wayne Brueggen, DDS, has been caring for the dental implant needs of his patients for over 35 years. His dental implant solutions offer simple, reliable and long-lasting results for patients of any age who are missing teeth or experiencing the frustrations of loose, decayed and broken teeth.

Dr. Brueggen has extensive experience with the amazing All-on-4® dental implant procedure. In one day, patients can leave his office with a new, natural-looking smile that feels like permanent teeth, works like permanent teeth, is cared for like permanent teeth and may last even longer.

There is virtually no downtime. Patients can eat a light meal that same evening and face the world with a new-found confident smile every day.

Brueggen Dental Implant Center is committed to delivering quality care at every step of your procedure. You can trust Dr. Brueggen to listen to your wishes and concerns and to provide you with attention to detail and concern for your comfort. His background in both cosmetic dentistry and dental surgery provides a strong foundation that enhances medically safe and aesthetically beautiful results.

Your smile should lift you up, not bring you down. Whether you have difficulty eating, feel self-conscious about smiling or deal with daily oral pain, Dr. Brueggen's dental implant solutions may be your answer. Contact Brueggen Dental Implant Center to set up your dental implant consultation.

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